Your People Will Discover You the Same Way on How You Discovered Me.

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A few days to a few weeks ago you were somewhere on the Internet surfing around and out of the corner of your eye, you saw something very interesting & intriguing.

So you clicked on it and got redirected to another website... There you were asked for your name & email address in exchange for more information.

As you were getting this information over a few days you were asked to visit a certain or specific website or websites.

So you did that. It comes to you to that some of this Information actually is really Good and it Started to make More Sense Now and you really want to Do this...  To Better your Financial Future.

{This is a naturally progression of someone who is Seeking something out. We all go through this typical cycle of discovering, researching, and forming our own conclusions}

This is 'What' my automated marketing system does.... It does the Work for You on autopilot.... 
Finds people for you on the Internet the Same Way in a lot of different ways. Then invites them in into a certain process, all done automatically 24/7/365 if you get the custom built marketing system from me or you simply build one yourself with the resources that I provide to you. Ask me for pricing info by email or call me.

More insightful information will be Explained to you in the upcoming Lessons sent to you by email....
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Best of Success to You,

Greg T. Lisoff
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& *other many affiliate relationships
of some extremely profitable.

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Example of a LCP.
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~What would be a Fair amount of time for you to Find only 1 Dedicated & Committed Business
to put underneath you?
.... a month, 2 months, or 3?      ..... just to Find 1 business person.
Say... you answered 2 months to find 1 `cause you're a Slow Mindful Learner and Good Student.  
O.K. now we are going to do some simple math...

If it took you 2 months- at the End of 2 months... 
there is now TWO of you....  Do you understand this? Yes? 

In month 3-4, you found another person and your other friend found another person...

Now there is FOUR of you..
Try to do the Math here... Stay with me on this....  as your business 
Doubles in Size every 2 Months on average- maybe quicker or slower...

In the Third time period, now you have grown to EIGHT People... 
then in 4th time period....  you Doubled again....
4) you'll then have 16 people... (this is about the 7-8 months out)
5) then you got 32 people...
6) then you have 64 businesses in your organization....
7) then you got  128... doubling every 2 months.   
Do you follow the math here? .. the numbers don't lie... Do they?
run it this way to 18th time period below, don't stop...(you may need a calculator here).
8)__256 people __
9) ___________
18)________________  You just may be surprised at this process!                   

(this is the 18th time period X 60 days) its about 3 years out... 
Just in GDI alone at 50% payout amoung 5 levels would be HUGE money...
Now add in Trivita's Earnings... of course this not a perfect world...
but maybe if you got HALF or a THIRD of your Results...
its still Excellent Money for you!
*** Now just Pinch yourself so you know it's Real. The Potential is Huge!
There's NO Competition in GDI and TriVita offers you Customers in their 
TV Commercials to Grow your Business Super Fast! Plus if you hook this up with an
Automated System that I custom built this out for you.... It's Very Powerful!!!!! )

Do Enter Access Code:  eco101
its a Unilevel plan means No Restriction on 'How WIDE' you build your 1st line or level.
Pay Attention around minute marker 12:00 as Brandon explains on How you get Paid! 
You'll see the 5, then they beget other 5 each, you have 25 on your 2nd level, then those
25 beget 5 each, and you have 125 on your 3rd level. So on & so forth!

You'll eventually Get it. You'll Understand it better.


On craigslist where its marked with dark red checks are the places where I've placed Ads before. Try to be creative and make your Ads intriguing so people want to Click the Link! The blue border box, these are paid Ads, Yes, CL will charge you if you place an Ad in that area...

Try the Free Areas first and try to be consistent with your placement of Ads. Try to ramp it up from Tuesday to Thursday, this is midweek where there is simply a lot more traffic.


Right Click on above picture- You may Open this 
in a New Window
 if you want bigger Font size so you can See it better.

[Disclosure; I cannot guarantee you that you'll make any money in this because I don't know how much you'll implement on the stuff you learn from me. I worked very hard for my income and produced some spectacular results because of my persistence, bulldog attitude, effective writing, and trying new things.]  


Don't let 33 scare you away...

Hello friend,

Don't let 33 scare you. Keep reading you'll know what 33 means...

You'll discover that I've put together a very powerful system just for you to make your life easier.

Tremendous amount of thought and energy went into this creation and the many many subject teachings that will flow to you to help you propel your business and to improve your lifestyle.

Its a tremendous Bargain for you as you don't have to go through the same path and experience that I had to go through. This will SAVE you tremendous amount of trial & errors.

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As you start, its going to be basic stuff, even some material you know but wasn't using, then the information will start to get a little more detail and a little more advanced. No techie stuff! I'm not going to teach you code or how to build a central website with capture page set up.

I'm going to present it to you so it is understood by a 6th grade level student.

KEY; Your speed of implementation will determine your Results!
As soon as you learn it- put it into practice & use it & do it. To many students put it off till tomorrow, when the next day comes again they put it off again. Its called- "procrastination" ... or getting ready to get ready.

So lets get started!

Don't let... 33 meager cents per day steal your "Shot at your Dreams"  or....

Your gripping fear will "Keep You in the Same Place & Keep you Broke!"

Read Last Blog below for an EXTRA BONUS that I have for you!

Best of success,

Greg T. Lisoff

ps. I have many other projects that are coming forth soon!
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Training...for A, B, and C.


Here in this website you'll learn and earn money as you get better & better. Lots of "How tos"-by you using existing and new technologies to increase your effectiveness;

A. How to Maintain (minor time involvement) your Fully Automated Systems in your Online Business and what you'll need in there... Your New Main Central Website.  (You must eventually get GDI in order for me to build you this system.)

B. How to promote Offline using different smart time saving methods to Attract New People to your Online Business.

C. How to Promote Brilliantly Online on the Internet- Attracting New People to your Online Business.

<> Read further, more information blogs below for you...

Best of Success,

Greg T. Lisoff


Powerful Training on How to Tell and Share with Others about this Business.

Hello my New Affiliate Member Friends,

I want to Welcome you to my Power Team Family! I'm Excited that you're here!

We are in this together, even though you're in business for yourself.

But you are Not alone in this, as I'm building this also!

I'm very excited to teach you these basic and advanced skills that I know...

We are Part of Something Very Special, Exciting, Very Fast Growing, and ...
becoming a Large Group in the history of this Company! Be Proud of yourselves!

This training website...will focus on teaching you some Extremely Valuable Skills that you can immediately implement into your business! This will Save you Time over the long run of course.

Where my Entire Focus is to teach you many skills...1 or 2 at a time... at your pace that you can Study...

to Equip you Better in Dealing with your New People- Your New Businesses underneath you.

You MUST Sign Up in the Island Form last...

Continue to read all of this first...

As soon as you Click Send, then go back to your regular Email...

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Then you'll get your Individual Lessons by Email automatically.

<> This will be an Ongoing Series of Lessons,
the lessons will be presented one by one
with enough detailed information
where one can actually take the knowledge learned
and Implement the strategy right away.
<> The future lessons can be fast forwarded...for the Fast Learners.
After you've read, learned, and implemented, then Click on the next link...
(in the Que- Ignore the advertisements) Your Next Lesson will arrive shortly.

( I don't want students to think about this to long...
then procrastination may set in...
 these are proven simple methods...
Just take what you have learned...
 and Do it right away... O.K?
.... it doesn't have to be perfect....
 later you can go back to refine it!)

Of course you can rough it on your own without me...
if you decide Not to join, but that my friend would be Unwise of you.
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You will have about 60 Cents per day investment, that's $18 per month for hosting charges for both the gdi website $10 & database thing for another $8. 

Best of Success to All,

Greg T. Lisoff

My Many Businesses are:

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{Disclosure; Your results, your income level I cannot guarantee. Your results, your income will Vary to the collective actions of your entire group. We don't know how well you'll incorporate the methods on what you learn here. I don't give out tests. We expect people to use common sense. If you buy a course or product through my links, expect me to make my affiliate commission.}